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Household help

You bounce out of bed full of enthusiasm in the morning. You cycle or you drive your own car from home to your families as shown on the planning schedule that you received from us the week before.

When you arrive at the home of one family, the people themselves are there to welcome you with a big smile. Other families have gone to work and have entrusted you with the key to their home. You are well aware of what is expected of you and that they will be particulary looking forward to come home in the evening on the day when you come to clean for them.

It can also often happens that customers ask you to help them with their ironing.

After all, you are naturally someone who works very meticulously and likes to have everything clean and tidy.

Do you also need some extra time for your own family or hobbies? Then you can determine the broad outline of your own schedule.

Because we think it is very important that everyone feels good at work, you have a personal coach who is there for you every day. Here you can share your experiences and stories and you might pick up some tips.

Wat wij van jou vragen:

Enthusiasm to work

An eye for detail, after all, you are always the first one to notice cobwebs in the room.

Wat wij jou bieden:

Good pay

Nice families from your own region

A schedule that fits the hours you can work

Compliments from us and your customers.

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